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Viticulture with a
View of the Alps

We stand firmly with both feet on Gamlitz soil while some 120,000 vines thrust their roots deep into the meagre subsoil in search of nutrients.
A strenuous path leads through deep crevices of crystalline quartz rock from an ancient white coral reef.
Meanwhile, cool breezes from the Alps cause the vine leaves to dance on the crest of the Kranachberg slope. Although robust, the vines are still perceptibly delicate and require meticulous care.
In the end, we are indebted to the old vines for their effort. Year after year, each vine gifts us with just enough grapes for about one bottle of wine.


The Winegrowers

Alex and Andreas

The winegrower and the vines have long been familiar with each other. Willi Sattler has been at the forefront of viticulture since he was 22 years old. His wines have earned him the recognition of countless wine connoisseurs and the attention of the international media.

At the starting blocks: the Youth
The fresh wind of youth unites tradition and innovation. Sons Andreas and Alexander have enjoyed excellent training in viticulture. Daughter Michaela is responsible for the creative wine label design. Youngest son Lukas also provides creative input.

"A vision turns
a craft into a work of art."

Working method

Mindfulness is the key to a precise style.
Learn about our way of thinking in the vineyard and cellar, why we also keep animals on the farm, and why what thrives around the vine is especially important.

To our philosophy 


Quality grows in the vineyard.

Our family has been involved in the selection and cultivation of the best vineyards for many generations. Immerse yourself and get to know our vineyards and their unique features.

To our vineyards

To our current wine collection